I’ll let the Sharpie do the talking

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Despite having more ways to post available to me than I knew before a week or two ago, I still have obviously been quite lazy about posting. About forcing my day-to-day into some sort of narrative. I’m a rambler. I think it comes from spending too much time as a child alone with my thoughts.


But I can come up with random stimuli. Disjunct thoughts from my day. Pictures that seemed interesting at the time.


Like this one. It’s from the trip I’m taking out to a tiny town near Baker City where I’ll be meeting my girlfriend’s mother. I’ll probably be posting more like this. Because honestly, there’s a lot to post about. It’s just that none of it has coalesced into a coherent story yet.



Long time no blog!

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Well, it’s been a while since I blogged here, hasn’t it? I may have to change the subheading up there to “updates on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays… sometimes.” But I’ll probably start posting here a little more often now that I’ve made two discoveries:
1) I can post audio blogs just by calling a phone number.
2) I can type out blogs and post then on my iPhone via the WordPress app.

This should help this blog get a bit more love. After all, accessibility and the ability to post videos and pictures from my phone is pretty much why my Tumblr has been getting all my attention recently.

But this is all you are getting for now. I am hungry and not in the mood to sit here pecking away at my iPhone screen any longer.

See you next time I post! If you want to be alerted when that happens, just enter your email address in the box at the bottom of the page.


Management’s Response To My Neighbors

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I received an e-mail this morning from the guy who manages the apartments I live in. It read:

Hi Ryan.
We are needing to enter your unit. Workers will be adding a pad lock to the attic access in the unit. Is this afternoon or tomorrow morning work?

I guess John and Yoko showed Mr. Manager their photos.


A Visit From The Neighbors

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*knock knock*

I put down my guitar and get up from my bed. Perhaps my neighbors are annoyed by my attempts at songwriting?

I open the door to find my neighbors, John and Yoko, standing there with a ladder.

“Hi. We want to get up into your attic,” says John.


“We need to take pictures,” says Yoko.

The management has been ignoring their requests for work on the pipes above their room, claiming that nothing can be done due to the insulation in the attic. But there is no insulation in the attic, as they discovered in their last foray through the access panel in my ceiling.

“Have a cookie,” says Yoko.

“Oh, thanks.” I take the cookie. From anyone else I might have been wary: I’ve learned from Lauren’s encounter with the magical brownies left in the kitchen all those weeks ago. But John and Yoko don’t strike me as the “magical brownie” type.

“You can go back to practicing,” John yells down to me after he’s scrambled up into the attic.

Well, technically it was songwriting, I think, but I don’t correct him. The song I was writing owes far more to my pre-Sound Trash days than to anything before, and as such will probably stay in my notebook for a long, long time. Usually I can’t write if there’s anyone else around, but somehow it’s alright with John and Yoko in my attic. The situation is just weird enough, and they’re far enough removed.

When they return, John’s speaking in a high falsetto. I can’t decide if he’s making fun of Yoko’s high, mousy voice or not. I keep thinking of making a joke about puberty, or about castration, but I’m too polite and I can’t think of a clever way to slip a comment in anyway. (“So, still waiting on your balls to drop?” Nah.)

He keeps talking like this until they leave. I shut the door and go back to songwriting.

I have weird neighbors.


A Tale of Moving In

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I moved in to the same apartment Lauren lives in last Friday.

At first it was somewhat depressing. On the first Friday of every month, the apartment is open to outsiders to come in and peruse the works of the artists living here. In my experience there is usually a pretty good crowd. Apparently the crowds have been dwindling as of late though, and the Friday I moved in it was like a ghost town. The Chef (the same one from Lauren’s blog) was blasting away recordings of random sounds. I made a snarky comment about there being a poltergeist about. He just gave me a weird look and I scuttled off to Lauren’s room to see what she was doing.

There was nobody there, aside from her. She was trying to write songs for people, a dollar or two a pop, but the Chef’s noise was making that impossible for her. I wandered off again.

I met the Jerk With Bad Teeth at that point, along with his friends the Cello Player and the Other Musician.

“Hi, I’m Ryan.”

There were introductions all around.

“So, do you live here?” Asked the Cello Player.

“Yeah, as of today. I’m subleasing.”

“Oh, cool.”

We made small talk. I was getting a bad vibe from the Jerk With Bad Teeth. Then, as we parted ways, the Jerk With Bad Teeth said:
“Well, ‘bye. I’ll probably forget your name.”

Except he didn’t say it like most people do. Most people say it apologetically, as in: “I’m sorry, I’m really bad with names, so if I forget yours it’s nothing personal.” This guy? It was more like: “Well, you failed to impress me and thus are not important enough for me to remember your name.”

“I’ve already forgotten yours!” I replied with a smile. It was the one time I was actually glad to be bad with names, though for a while I felt somewhat bad for immediately pegging him as a jerk. I felt less bad after my suspicions were confirmed.

After that? After that things got better. People started coming over to Lauren’s place. I had a nice talk with one of the other people from my college now living here. I went to a folk concert in someone’s studio. Then there was beer and a deep conversation about the universe that left me in a very zen mood.

“I think you are more Buddhist than you think,” I was told.

Yeah, maybe. Aside from that whole neurotic need to control the future. But I’m getting better at letting go and leaving my worries for the day they become relevant. Maybe that’s what’s making me go all zen. Or maybe it’s the Buddha statue someone left in my room.

Buddha, India-style.

I dunno. I’m sure it’s one of those…


No Video Friday

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Today I moved in to the artists’ apartment that Lauren is in. Awesome times were had by all. I will write more later. Sorry, no video today because of that.


Music That Makes Me Happy

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The other night I worked until 6am. It’s okay: I started at 8pm. I drank lots of tea and ate dark chocolate to get me through the long night. I also listened to a lot of music on YouTube. The combination of all these things pretty much always puts me in a ridiculously energetic, optimistic mood.

Here’s some of the music I use to get me there.