The Beginning of the End

In Introductions on December 2, 2010 by ryepdx

I quit my job a few days ago. Not really “quit,” as in “I left and no longer work for them,” but “quit” as in “gave them thirty days notice.”

Why would I do such a thing?

Because I want to make music. (Also because my conscience was bothered by my employer’s ties to the Church of Scientology, but we’ll get that later.)

I am applying to move in to an apartment complex for artists. It’s almost a commune, really. All the units are studios and there’s a single, shared kitchen on each floor. This is the same complex my bandmate is living in.

Since it’s 1 A.M. right now and I have to get up at 6:30 A.M. to go to work, I will now copy-and-paste the bio I wrote for my apartment application to make my post seem more substantial.

Short Biography:

I was born in the Gateway district of Portland, OR and grew up there. At an early age I displayed the temperament of a performer, always looking for (and finding) an audience. It didn’t matter to me whether it was a stranger on the street or the kids in my Sunday school class. These tendencies were unfortunately discouraged in me at the time; as I grew more introverted I found an outlet for my fecund imagination in writing stories.

Writing was my primary creative outlet until I was thirteen, when I began writing music. While I had long loved music, listening to the Electric Light Orchestra and the Beatles to fuel much of my writing, it had hitherto seemed beyond my ability to produce. I had been, and was at the time, homeschooled. About the only time I saw music addressed in a group setting was at church, and from that environment I had derived the lesson that music was only for the elite to create.

Around the age of thirteen I found myself in my church’s youth group, where the attitude was quite different. I realized that I too could create music, so I began. I did not know how to play an instrument so I composed in a MIDI notation program, compiling and self-releasing a CD of my more pop-oriented instrumental compositions at the age of fifteen. Eventually I learned guitar and at the age of sixteen joined a band that was broken up by the time I was eighteen. I began producing music as a solo artist and self-released a CD a month before my high school graduation.

At college I chose to study computer science, as I felt practicality dictated. However, I continued to write and perform, forming a band with Lauren Hatch called Original Sound Trash. This band has continued on to this day, as have my efforts in writing fiction.


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