The Beginning

In Introductions, Scientology on December 4, 2010 by ryepdx

(Note: I refer to my former employers as the INC in this blog. This is not the name of my company. I have changed it here, as well as the names of my coworkers, to protect the innocent.)

I began working my last job about a month before graduating from university. In spite of soaring unemployment rates and economic catastrophes, the number of available, new jobs related to science, technology, engineering, and math had continued their steady climb. Graduates with degrees in computer science and software engineering were (and still are, as of this writing) particularly in demand. Thus it was I found myself working at a tax company staffed primarily by Scientologists before I had even walked with the rest of my class at graduation.

I knew little about Scientology when I joined. What I did know was that I had been offered a near-ground-floor position in a small startup that was already experiencing exponential growth. The CFO’s crowning achievement up to that point had been selling Neopets to Viacom for $160 million; this company seemed to be on the same track. I was told I would be given options when the company was sold, and that these options would be worth at least $400,000, though likely much more. I was told the two employees above me would be given enough money to retire on, and it was insinuated that the same would be done for me if I joined.

The only hitch was that my bandmate and I were planning on going on a DIY rock tour across America. We had put aside two months for it and had been telling all our friends and family, trying to garner support. There was not much in place yet, but it was something I wanted to do. More importantly, it bothered me greatly to go back on what I had been telling everyone. A small moral crisis ensued, but in the end a compromise was made: I would continue working part time until graduation at which point I would get a month off to go on tour.

To cut a long story short, the tour fell through and I ended up going to Canada with my brother and a friend for a couple of days instead. Nowhere near as epic as what I had planned, but it was better than just doing nothing.

My time at the INC was incredible. I made friends with my coworkers and really enjoyed working there. It was a great place to be. Everyone was friendly and good-natured. There were regular foosball and foursquare breaks. Bonuses were distributed almost every month I was there. Then I started reading about the Church of Scientology.

To be continued…


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