Change – A Blog Swap Post

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The following post was written by Tara Stromberg of INTERROBANG‽
I am publishing it here as part of a blog swap organized by 20 Something Bloggers.

When I first signed up for the blog swap, I had no idea what I was getting into. I figured I would write something that I usually have waiting up my sleeve (endless weeks does a topic sit in my draft list, waiting to be expounded upon.) It’d be goofy, hide my insecurities well in it’s guffaws of depravity, and be loads of laughs!

Ryan’s blog is none of these things, but for all the right reasons. Reading his entries reminded me of the way writing used to be for me: insightful, meaningful, poetic and above all, honest.

I’m sure you don’t need a summary of his blog (you can just read the damn entries, you lazy bum), but essentially, it begins at the moment his life is undergoing a significant career change. One that is scary as hell. One that I think a lot of us envy, in spite of this.

I certainly do. Change is something that has been on my mind for awhile now, but have been neglecting to acknowledge. Then I started reading Cyan Years, and there it was, staring me straight in the face. MOTHER.EFFING.CHANGE.

Ryan and I both have things in common: we both want to be writers….we both blog about creating….the difference is that he has taken it a step further by moving toward his goal. Whereas I continue to complain about my worry of getting “stuck” in the same place, the same career, the same writers block, for all eternity, instead of breaking out of it myself.

I like to give myself credit for this Zen-like metaphor I thought up to describe this state of paralysis I often find myself in (if only I would quit thinking up fucking metaphors and just follow my own damn advice):

You’re holding onto a flimsy branch to avoid being swept away by the fierce rapids of a fast-moving river. Of course you’re afraid to lose your grip – you could be trapped in the current for days, hit a rock, be lost over the threshold of a waterfall. But if you stay clutching the branch, you will never budge from that spot. The only way to move on, the only way to break free, is to let go….and see where the river takes you.

To take that courageous plunge, to write about it with sincerity and poise, as Ryan does, is what I aspire to do. And I hope I have honored him adequately by attempting to do so in this entry.


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