The Plan

In Plans on December 29, 2010 by ryepdx

“Adapt, react, and overcome.” This is touted as a Marine motto in The Last Centurion. I learned that while driving back to Portland with my girlfriend after meeting her family. I had just picked up a copy of the novel at Waldenbooks and was reading it as the miles passed. This motto, I think, will have to become my own as I progress. The bugger of planning is that “no plan survives first contact with the enemy.”

There are no hard numbers behind my plan, so it could be that I’m wrong. Plans were made to be changed, and it may be that I will have to change my plan at some point as I begin to better grasp the shape of the problem I face. But simply having a plan helps immensely. Though it may only be an illusion, the sense of security it gives me is in itself of value. It is, to be sure, a first step. No journey begins without a first step. No scientific laws are made without hypotheses. So here it goes:

One album a year. One show a month. One YouTube video and three blog posts a week. Promoting my blog and YouTube channel (once I have videos) every day. Just enough freelance work to stay financially solvent and plan for the future. Some sort of entrepreneurial project to eventually make looking for freelance work unnecessary. As for writing, I want to have at least one novel ready to be shopped to publishers (or self-published) by next year.

In my mental thrashings-about I’ve discovered that the tasks in my life tend to fall in one of two categories: “creeping” tasks and “static” tasks. Creeping tasks can be expanded out to take up all the free time one has. This encompasses things like “become a better writer” or “practice guitar.” Tasks without a solid, tangible end-goal in other words. Static tasks, on the other hand, have a solid, tangible end-goal. These can generally be contained in a set period of time.

Creeping tasks, I think, can either be converted to a series of static tasks, or limited to a certain length of time. Rather than simply writing “practice guitar” on my planner, it’s easier for me to write something like “practice guitar for 1 hour” or “learn ‘Classical Gas.’” So that’s the way I went about coming up with those particular tasks. I know I need to become well-known if I want to make a living doing what I like to do, or if I want to change the world. That’s a creeping task. All the stuff I came up with? Static tasks.

Fingers crossed. Hope this works.


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