Taking Off

In Slice of Life on January 3, 2011 by ryepdx

Last week was dead. I wrote next to nothing. Instead I found myself in an introspective conversation with the Universe and those infamous swirling black vortexes. Though the vortexes and I have been doing somewhat decently recently, the Universe isn’t always so kind.

Me: “Okay, time to go write some material for that blog of mine.”

Universe: “What, you mean that blog where you pontificate about being an artist and then go off and don’t do anything artistic?”

Me: “What?”

Universe: “How many people read your blog?”

Me: “Um… well, I got 50 views on my best day…”

Universe: “HA! I get at least 6 billion EVERY DAY!’

Me: “Okay, well, you’ve been around for a bit longer than I have…”

Universe: “Wanna’ play chess?”

Me: “No. I suck at chess.”

Universe: “You suck at LIFE!”

Me: “Huh?”

Universe: “You can’t even be a real free spirit! You need plans.

Me: “Um, I never claimed to be a free-”

Universe: “You’re just a corporate tool pretending to be an artist. That’s my point. You’re not a real artist. You don’t even know if you like writing or music better.”

Me: “Okay, what? Now I have to go fitting into your pigeon-holes?”

Universe: “Well, yes. I am the Universe!”

Me: “What the f*** is a real artist anyway? You can’t even get people to agree on the definition of art half the time, let alone what constitutes a ‘real artist.’

I didn’t do much creation last week as a consequence of my falling-out with the Universe. Well, that and this massive freelance job that’s taking up all my time and the fact that I’ve been moving out of my apartment. And the fact that it was the holiday season. But other than that, yeah, it’s been the Universe. All the Universe’s fault.

I wrote a new song the week before that, though! I’ll get a demo of it up here as soon as I get my recording equipment back from the person I’m lending it to.

And here are the highlights of last week:

  1. Got a freelance job! Now I can stop worrying about money as much!
  2. Christmas. Now I have even fewer money worries! And a lot more tea, too.
  3. New Year’s. I found out that eight shots of vodka is two shots too many for me.
  4. My band got booked for its first paying gig in a long while.
  5. Falling out with the Universe! Less of a highlight and more of a… um… shading… but big enough of a deal that I feel like I should list it here.
  6. Started reading about Africa a little. Seems Malawi is getting a lot of positive press, but I’m personally not sure it’s as warranted as all that.

Okay, I go now. See you all again Wednesday!


3 Responses to “Taking Off”

  1. Okay, so if you’re going to steal Lalalalauren’s joke about The Universe, you need to at least tell it right…

    • I wasn’t stealing your joke. Therefore there is no way I could have told it wrong. I took dialog from the week, made it a little more light hearted than it had been, and renamed the person in question to “The Universe” to protect their identity and hide the fact that I was talking about an individual. I was inspired by your work, yes, but I thought the technique appropriate given the circumstances.

      • But The Universe doesn’t even play chess. It’s Ingmar Bergman’s ghost that does that, or Death, and it’s a movie reference. 😛

        I am done giving you a hard time now.

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