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Music That Makes Me Happy

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The other night I worked until 6am. It’s okay: I started at 8pm. I drank lots of tea and ate dark chocolate to get me through the long night. I also listened to a lot of music on YouTube. The combination of all these things pretty much always puts me in a ridiculously energetic, optimistic mood.

Here’s some of the music I use to get me there.



The Times, They Are A-Changin’ (cover)

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Sorry, took a while to get this up, but better late than never, right?

I was going to do a different song, but I decided that this was more appropriate in light of the revolution going on over in Egypt.

I’ve been following the Egypt situation loosely throughout the day. Mostly checking in on Twitter feeds and Facebook posts, since that’s where most of the news from the ground seems to be coming from. Here’s a composite of what I know at this point.

1. The military is rumored to be joining with the protesters in certain areas. I saw a Tweet this morning that made this claim, so it’s only a rumor as far as I know, but it’s one of the best things that could happen for the protesters, I think.

2. The riot police are, for the most part, still trying to put down the protests with non-lethal force, though it sounds like lethal force is being used in certain areas. The government has also turned off the electricity and water to Suez, possibly other cities. Paloma Farah on the primary page used to organize the protests (which can be found at writes:

“To all the people of world

The people in Egypt are under governmental siege. Mubarak regime is banning Facebook, Twitter, and all other popular internet sites. Tomorrow the government will block the 3 mobile phone network and the internet completely. And there is news that even the phone landline will be cut tomorrow, to prevent any news agency from following what will happen.

Suez city is already under siege now. The government cut the water supply and electricity, people, including, children and elderly are suffering there now. The patients in hospitals cannot get urgent medical care. The injured protestors are lying in the streets and the riot police are preventing people from helping them. The families of the killed protestors cannot get the bodies of their sons to bury them. This picture is the same in north Saini (El-Sheikh zoyad city) and in western Egypt (Al-salom). The riot police is cracking down on protestors in Ismailia, Alexandria, Fayoum, Shbin Elkoum, and Cairo, the capital, in many neighborhoods across the city.

The government is preparing to crackdown on the protestors in all Egyptian cities. They are using tear gas bombs, rubber and plastic pullets, chemicals like dilutes [diluted?] mustard gas against protestors. Several protestors today have been killed when the armored vehicles of the riot police hit them. Officials in plain clothes carrying blades and knives used to intimidate protestors.

All this has been taken place over the past three days during the peaceful demonstrations in Cairo and other cities. Now, with the suspicious silence of the local media and the lack of coverage from the international media, Mubarak and his gang are blocking all the channels that can tell the world about what is happening.

People who call for their freedom need your support and help. Will you give them a hand?

The activists are flooding the net (youtube and other sites) with thousands of pictures and videos showing the riot police firing on armless [unarmed?] people. The police started to use ammunition against protestors. [A] 15-year old girl has been injured and another 25 year old man has been shot in the mouth. While nothing of these has appeared in the media, there is more to happen tomorrow. Will you keep silent? Will you keep your mouth shut while seeing all these cruelty and inhumane actions?

We don’t ask for much, just broadcast what is happening.”

3. There may soon be protests at various Egyptian embassies around the world. Someone created a Facebook page at today in an attempt to organize international demonstrations of support for the protesters in Egypt.

4. This is more of an idea than something I learned. Ahmed Hefny writes:

“Egyptians suggested that we should call random numbers in Egypt especially in Suez, Ismailia, Port Said, Alexandia and Cairo. We need to support our people there. We need to post the spirit. We will ask them not to surrender and to continue protesting until Mubarak regimen is down. Freedom is a week away. We will not let Egypt down.”




Kimya In Portland

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There is probably just one person alive today who can turn me into a giant, raving fanboy.

I went to see Kimya Dawson with my bandmate last Saturday. She was playing at Backspace, the same place she played last time she was in town. It was, as always, an incredibly inspiring experience. At the risk of reverting to my primitive fanboy persona, I must say that she’s the only artist alive today whose music expresses almost perfectly the way I feel about things these days. Unfortunately, the song of hers which resonates most with me and which I’ve now heard just twice has not yet wound its way in its entirety onto the Internet. A small clip of it can be found here, though.

She touches briefly on the same themes found in that song in another song called Enema, which has still yet to make it onto a CD. I imagine it’ll be on her next album which I hear will be called “Thunder Thighs.” The lyrics in question:

Was it an Olympian hippie or a New York City hipster?
What’s the difference? ‘Cause we all try hard to make this world better.
If it’s thrift or if it’s vintage, it is still your grandpa’s sweater.
Either way, three cheers for you, ’cause it’s better to reuse
Than to support the corporations buying crap they mass-produce.
You think, you think, you think
You think I’m preaching to the choir
But I am not, I’m not,
I’m singing with the choir.
We are all birds, birds of a different feather;
We each sing the way we sing and we are all in this together.

We arrived at Backspace at 7pm, the time displayed on the website. Unfortunately it turned out the website was wrong: the show started at 6:30pm. And Kimya was opening.

So, after standing in line for ten minutes with the rest of the misinformed, we finally got in. The first song she played after our arrival happened to be her first public attempt at a rap song. It was good, honestly, and it expressed a lot of the “live-and-let-live” philosophy that I touched on earlier. This song also will reportedly be on her new CD.

Afterward, Defiance Ohio played. They were good, though I likely feel this way because of their violinist. I’m a sucker for a bands with violinists. My bandmate thought they sounded like Flogging Molly; I thought they sounded like the Dropkick Murphys without the bagpipes. I got a headache from headbanging.

While headbanging, I happened to see Kimya pass by. I’m pretty sure I made the scariest face a celebrity could ever hope to see: my eyes went huge, my jaw dropped, a huge, goofy grin spread over my face, and I did this palms-up, arms-open greeting I often do which is sometimes mistaken for an invitation to an embrace. She begged off, saying she was looking for someone, and I, somewhat embarrassed at my behavior, nodded as if I knew how it was and let her be.

Finally, when the crowds began to die down, I saw my chance. There was a window of time when nobody was at Kimya’s table. I’m not sure all of what happened or what I said, but I’m somewhat aware of saying something like “I love you” and “can I get a picture?” I’m pretty sure it was only one of many such awkward moments in the poor girl’s life. She obliged and gave her best for the camera. I spent a good half hour after that in a sort of euphoric, fanboy stupor.

On the way home, we danced the night away.


Spinning Out

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Busy week with lots of freelance work coming in, so there wasn’t much time to write anything new. Fortunately you won’t recognize this song unless you’ve been to one of my band’s shows! So it’s new to you. I call it Spinning Out. Again, I can’t post videos on WordPress because they’re all silly and draconian like that, so you’ll have to trek on over to YouTube to watch it.

Let me know what you think!

We’ll go running out
Spinning down the drain
Turn your head around
Before we leave again
We’ll toast the last time that we lit the sky
With lantern posts and flaming pies
And roman candles in the glen

And in case you think I’ve gone insane,
I’ll sing this happy song again

And we’ll go spinning out
Running down the drain
Twist your head around
Go foolish in the brain
We’ll kiss the nighttime on its velvet ears
And sing the words to bring it near
As sun comes up again

We’ll go dancing on the lawn
Like whirling dervishes along
The edge of divine salutation
In these days of desperation
And we’ll kiss beneath the earthen ground
And pass without a sound.

And we will…

We’ll go running out
Spinning down the drain
Turn your head around
Before we leave again
We’ll toast the last time that we lit the sky
With lantern posts and flaming pies

We’ll go spinning out
Running down the drain
Twist your head around
Go foolish in the brain
We’ll kiss the nighttime on its velvet ears
And sing the words to bring it near


Some Distant Star’s Shore

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Well, it’s official! I’m nocturnal. I went to bed at about 12pm today after staying up all night working on that ridiculous freelance project that’s been consuming all my time and woke up about half an hour ago. Go me! :-p

I quickly recorded that video I promised you and put it up on YouTube. It’s a song I wrote which I’ve titled “Some Distant Star’s Shore” for now. (If you have a better idea for a title, let me know. I’ve kicked around a few in my head, but that was the best I could come up with.)

Okay, so WordPress is being stupid and not letting me upload my video here. You can watch it over on my YouTube channel though. Sorry for the inconvenience!

I’m pushing my way to the front of the queue
I’m leaving the Earth, so finite and blue,
For the infinite inkwell of space so that I
Might make my own way out in the night sky.
For distant galaxies beckon me home
And I own I’d like to drift out on the cosmic foam
On the edge of the universe, where I was born
To make my home on some distant star’s shore.

Now it’s cold out in space;
Though my suit keeps me warm, icy veins cross my visor like lace.
And I’m faced with the knowledge my last glimpse of Earth
Might be millions of miles from the place of my birth.
And the ones that I love may be all left behind,
My ambitions may fail me, my hopes rob me blind,
But I reach all the same for I know why I was born:
I must make my home on some distant star’s shore.

What unknown brave new worlds will I see, will I find?
Will I be blinded by the darkness, lost before the harvest?
The hardest part of leaving has never been receding,
But the empty weightless sense of freedom.

All my rocket fuel was spent in my high speed escape
And my solar sails can’t even pull their own weight.
Like the last Roman sent over Hadrian’s wall,
It’s a long road ahead but I’m bound to the call.
But no field full of heather will bear my name:
It’s the stars in their courses to which I lay claim.
Though black holes may menace, though sages may warn,
I must make my home on some distant star’s shore.

Now it’s cold out in space;
Though my suit keeps me warm, icy veins cross my visor like lace.
But I’m here all the same for I know why I was born:
I must make my home on that distant star’s shore.

What do you think?

I also found out that I finally got my diploma! I was a third of a credit short from graduating last year. Turned out that though credits rounded when determining whether individual program requirements were being met, they didn’t round when determining whether you had enough credits to graduate. I managed to get my job at the time counted as field experience, though.

Have a great weekend! See you all again Monday.